Custom Trees

Custom Trees

Custom Trees are a popular TreeScapes & PlantWorks product that offer you complete freedom to imagine the exact design of your trees!

Clients order Custom Trees because they’re seeking a specialized look, size, or function that our standard Fabricated, Preserved, and Replica Trees may not offer.

We often manufacture Custom Trees that don’t match the complete dimensions of a real tree. If the tree is to be placed in a corner inside, for example, we can cap the height so it doesn’t extend past the ceiling. We can also customize the branches and foliage to perfectly fit within the allotted space.

Other Custom Trees are made purely for aesthetic value. If you would like a mixture of tree components, concealed or integrated technology, artistic elements, or uncommon colors, our Custom Trees are for you. Many clients enjoy custom creating their dream tree, with a trunk in one variety, foliage in another, and whatever colors, natural or not, that they like!

Our most infamous Custom Tree is the one installed at the bar of Sushisamba’s London Heron Tower location. That tree features a Fabricated Oak Tree Trunk, paired with Fabricated Banyan Tree Foliage. It also has another memorable feature – the entire tree is done in Sushisamba’s signature orange color!

The Sushisamba Tree also features a hollow interior to conceal electrical conduits, which power the hundreds of tiny red and orange twinkling lights. Other Custom Tree projects include creative treehouses, cat trees, and other creations made to client specifications.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks has a specialized product line of Interchangeable Fabricated Trees. These creations, called TreeLusions™, feature a Fabricated Tree Trunk and sets of various Foliage. You can change the look each season, or to match a new theme, or just give your space a refresh. Maple, Oak, Cherry Blossom, and Birch Tree Foliage are just a few of the options available with TreeLusions™.