Artificial Fruit Trees

Artificial Fruit Trees

Artificial Fruit Trees are a popular choice for our retail clients, and you can find our Artificial Apple Trees, Lemon Trees, Mango Trees, and Orange Trees in supermarkets across the United States. The main advantage of real fruit trees is, of course, that they produce fruit. So why would anyone opt for an Artificial Fruit Tree? There are several reasons, but the fruit is the biggest factor.

Real fruit trees need to be watered, pruned, and harvested. If they’re left unattended, the over-ripe fruit will fall from the tree and rot around the base. Artificial Fruit Trees convey the same idea, but with no more upkeep than occasional dusting. No need to worry about excess fruit piling up, or having to can or eat more fruit than you can handle!

Artificial Fruit Trees are beautiful to look at, but they also have important symbolism. Consider the Apple Tree, for example. This classic variety can represent curiousity, patriotism, or good health. Mango Trees symbolize wealth and fertility, while Orange Trees represent prosperity, good fortune, and happiness. Lemon Trees are known as symbols as health, cleanliness, and optimism! These associations are even more powerful today, and can reassure guests that your establishment has high standards for cleaning to reduce the possibility of virus transmission.

Grocery stores and supermarkets love our Artificial Fruit Trees, but other industries can benefit as well. Restaurants – especially smoothie and juice cafes, as well as organic eateries – often decorate with Fake Fruit Trees. They’re also popular for schools and libraries. Children love the novelty of a tree with pretend fruit! Theme parks can also benefit from the color and life that an Artificial Fruit Tree brings to their space.

Other Artificial Fruit Trees offer both fruit and flower, like Apple Blossom and Cherry Blossom Trees. You may find that Artificial Tropical Trees or Evergreen Trees better suit your design needs. Whatever you choose, we’re here to create the perfect treescapes and plantscapes for you!