Flower Walls

Artificial Flower Walls

Artificial Flower Walls and Non-Living Vertical Gardens are the perfect way to add a custom look and feel to any space. Choose from a combination of Replica or Fabricated Flowers, Succulents, Grasses, Mosses, and Leafy Plants to design your own unique Floral Wall!

Flower Walls

Floral Green Walls are, by definition, made of Flowers and Plants. Some Flower Walls are comprised entirely of Faux Flowers. We supplement others, though, with additional materials. Consider adding pieces of decorative wood or fabric and creating a mixed media design, like our exclusive Watusi Green Wall.

Our Projects section includes details on the majority of recent Green Walls and Flower Walls that we have produced for clients. Click here to see some of our favorite examples of Artificial Green & Floral Walls!

Vertical Gardens, Living or Non-Living, can be laid out in several different ways. Some are arranged randomly, creating a natural look that also makes an incredible photo backdrop. Others are done in specific patterns, creating a visually appealing, balanced look. You can also use a Flower Green Wall to create shapes, including company names, messages, mascots, and more.

These innovative pieces aren’t just beautiful – they offer function, too. Use Flower Walls to divide rooms, designate pathways, or provide selfie backgrounds to make your spot Instagram-friendly. The more beautiful the design, the more traffic you will see from people who want to see and pose in front of your wall!

Be sure to see our Artificial Green Walls, which are primarily made up of Grasses, Moss, Succulents, and Leafy Foliage. Flower Walls and Green Walls can encompass any colors you like, be it your signature company shade, or a pleasing arrangement of natural greens and browns.