Artificial Floral Arrangements

Artificial Floral Arrangements

Sometimes you’re not looking for a big tree or green wall – a stunning Floral Arrangement is all you need. We can help with that! We create Artificial Floral Arrangements with our Treeproductions™ Replica Flowers, Plants, Succulents, Moss, and Grasses.

Artificial Flowers are often still referred to as “Silk Flowers”, even though they aren’t generally made from silk anymore. If you’re seeking a Silk Flower Arrangement, take a look at our creations. They combine realism, beauty, and durability in one elegant vase, pot, basket, or container!

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offer two distinct styles of Floral Arrangements – Interior and Exterior. Our Interior Artificial Floral Arrangements feature our Treeproductions™ replica products, like Faux Flowers, Ferns, and Succulents. These are generally made with our UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage, which is treated, tested, and rated as Inherently Fire Retardant.

Exterior Artificial Floral Arrangements utilize our Fabricated Flowers, Foliage, and Plants. We use our UltraLeaf-X® Foliage for these products, since it is tested and rated to be Ultraviolet Inhibited after thousands of hours of UV exposure. One notable Exterior Floral Arrangement project involved Faux Bougainvillea and Geranium Baskets for storefronts on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

If you’re seeking something more dramatic than a Floral Arrangement – or collection of Floral Arrangements – consider other options, like our Artificial Floral Green Walls. These give you the same color and cheer as a traditional arrangement, but they add a dramatic, eye-catching element. Vertical Gardens and Non-Living Green Walls by TreeScapes & PlantWorks can be fully customized to include whatever plants, flowers, colors, and styles you prefer.

We’re here to help you create one singularly stunning Faux Flower Wedding Bouquet for a bride, for example. Or, Wedding Planners can opt for an entire collection of Faux Floral Arrangements that can be used and re-used for multiple events in the future. Choose from a wide selection of options to custom create your faux Floral Bouquet. Or, leave it up to us to design the perfect Flower Arrangement for the occasion and location.