Why Artificial

Why Artificial Trees and Plants

Are you wondering, why artificial trees and plants? Real trees and plants are used in landscaping, so why go with artificial instead?

At TreeScapes & PlantWorks, we provide our clients with the highest quality commercial-grade products on the market. We also offer one of the largest and most diverse selections of artificial trees, plants, hedges, topiaries, flowers, foliage, and floral arrangements in the business.

Why artificial? Discover the surprising benefits of fake trees, plants, and florals:

Perfect for…

  • Weight load restricted areas
  • Difficult environments
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Concealing lighting, audio, and video systems
  • Camouflaging building and plumbing components
  • Indoor and outdoor use

No need for…

  • Watering
  • Fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides
  • Pruning/trimming
  • Soil
  • Interior sunlight
  • Temperature control

Our products are perfect for areas that are restricted by environmental challenges like…

  • Lack of sunlight
  • Weight limitations
  • Height restrictions
  • Irrigation concerns
  • Location and/or access limitations
  • Chemical-sensitivity concerns
  • Temperature and humidity concerns
  • Seasonal foliage color variations
  • Potential growth or root related problems

Additional Reasons Why Artificial is Amazing:

Biophilic Design

Research has shown that being in the presence of trees and plants is good for human beings. This concept is known as Biophilic Design. It explains that greenery can improve mood and motivation. It can also reduce stress, and make an environment more welcoming. There’s a surprising side to this, though: real, living plants and trees aren’t required! Looking at artificial plants and trees can produce the same beneficial effects. The same goes for nature-inspired artwork and natural materials.

We construct extremely realistic appearing artificial trees, hedges, topiaries, plants, and floral arrangements. These creations now adorn some of the most prestigious hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment and office buildings, theaters, stadiums, and private homes in the world.

Commercial Grade Materials

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers artificial products that look as good years after the sale as they do on the day purchased.

Why artificial? UltraLeaf UVI foliageWhy artificial? Environmentally tested products

Why artificial? UltraLeaf IFR foliage

Our exterior use products are manufactured using commercial-grade, Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) materials.

Our products are environmentally tested and promote water conservation.

Our interior products are manufactured using commercial-grade, Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) materials. Interior products can be made with UVI materials as well.


Still wondering, why artificial? Faux trees, plants, and flowers offer another benefit: customization. Our products are constructed to our customer’s exact specifications. You tell us the details for things like:

  • Overall height
  • Canopy width
  • Trunk style
  • Foliage style
  • Foliage density
  • Walk-under height
  • Installation requirements

Not sure about these details? We’re happy to help!


One Tree Planted

This product plants one tree logo One tree planted reforestration partner

We’re proud of our creations, but we also love and appreciate living trees. We’re excited to partner with One Tree Planted and increase our corporate social responsibility initiatives.

One Tree Planted is an environmental charity, non-profit organization that supports global reforestation. We’re doing a corporate partnership with them, based on their One for One program: when you buy a tree from us, we donate to have at least one tree planted!