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Artificial Trees and Plants at Theme Parks
Artificial Trees and Plants in Shopping Centers
Artificial Trees & Plants in Schools & Libraries
Artificial Plants & Trees for Restaurant Interiors
Artificial Trees & Plants in Hotel Interiors
Artificial Trees & Plants in Hospitals
Artificial Trees & Plants on Cruise Ships
Artificial Trees & Plants for Business, Office Buildings and Stores
Artificial Trees & Plants in Airports

If you have traveled the globe over the past 20 years, you have likely seen International TreeScapes’ preserved, custom-fabricated and reproduction trees, plants, and botanicals. Over 2,000 installations span across the continents, boasting locations from the United States to the United Kingdom, from Japan to Dubai. We offer handmade home and commercial artificial trees for indoor and outdoor use.


Our world-renown interior and exterior products are showcased in airports, hotels, and cruise ships, contributing to a variety of designs created for the hospitality, travel and tourism industry in addition to their common presence in numerous locations of leisure and entertainment such as restaurants, shopping centers, casinos, and theme parks. The versatility of our options allows anyone to choose their ideal, custom-made home or commercial artificial trees. Our work does not stop there, however; one can find our magnificent bamboo walls, magical kids’ treehouses, or stunningly realistic palms in hospitals, schools, libraries, churches and business offices around the world as well. 



When designing a project, clients contact International TreeScapes to add the following attributes to their designs:

•    Iconic & Complementary –  We have developed products for customers that cover the wide spectrum between iconic focal pieces that become part of our customers’ brand to complementary, accent pieces which enhance designs without overpowering them.
•    Viable & Sustainable – When designing a project, our customers consider the pragmatics and costs of maintaining live botanicals versus utilizing our ultra-realistic, artificial horticultural products. By providing our clients and their projects with low-maintenance, drought resistant products, customers experience short-term and long-term return on investment.
•    Functional & Pragmatic – We enhance our clients’ projects by providing tools to conceal, enhance, accentuate, and awe. Our artificial trees and plants have been employed in projects around the world to create desired spatial relationships, open and close sight lines for privacy and light disbursement, and camouflage structural columns and maintenance and audio/visual equipment.

There is no limit to where we can go or what we can create. Explore our photo galleries below to view some of the work we have done around the world in the last 25 years.