Artificial Flowering Trees

Artificial Flowering Trees

Artificial Flowering Trees give you the beauty of trees and flowers at the same time, with no upkeep needed! Our Artificial Trees last for years, and the only attending they need is an occasional dusting.

Artificial Flowering Trees are a favorite among our clients because they offer so much in one creation. Realistic bark, steel core or natural wood trunks, and exquisite foliage all look and feel like the real thing.

We often custom create Artificial Flowering Trees for clients. Favorites include our Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees, Dogwood Trees, Magnolia Trees, and Wisteria Trees. These can be made to perfectly replicate living trees, or made to your specifications. Height, foliage style, blossom color, and shape are just some of the customization options available at TreeScapes & PlantWorks.

One of the easiest ways to make a decision about an Artificial Flowering Tree is color choice. There are tons of elements to consider – tree height, bark style, foliage density, etc. – but color is often the first consideration. If you love pink flowers and blossoms, you’re likely to prefer an Artificial Dogwood Tree, Wisteria Tree, or Cherry Blossom Tree.

If you prefer white flowers, we can create a Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree with snowy white blossoms. Magnolia Trees, Dogwood Trees, and Wisteria Trees are other good options if you want the classic look of white blooms.

Wisteria Trees and Dogwood Trees also come in shades of purple, yellow, and blue. Of course, we also offer these Replica Flowers for Floral Arrangements, Green Walls, and Bouquets. If you don’t see a Flowering Tree that you like, consider other options to bring color to your space.

An Artificial Birch Tree can be created with vivid orange and yellow autumn foliage, while Artificial Magnolias can be Trees, Bushes, or Potted Plants. Don’t forget that Artificial Fruit Trees, like Orange Trees, Apple Trees, and Mango Trees, can also add bursts of color!