Artificial Green Walls

Artificial Green Walls

Artificial Green Walls are a favorite among clients of TreeScapes & PlantWorks. These specialty creations include our show-stopping Succulent Walls, Flower Walls, and Non-Living Green Walls.

We combine Faux Plants, Flowers, and Grasses to create a lush wall display. Preserved Grasses, Mosses, and Foliage can be added for even more texture and intrigue. We can design a wall accent piece that’s only a few feet tall/wide, or create an entire dividing wall.

Artificial Green Walls are a perfect match for the style of Las Vegas, and we have installed many at the casinos, restaurants, and shops there. We’ve provided also Artificial Green Walls and Vertical Gardens for clients around the world!

Artificial Green Wall displays might just be for artistic appeal, or to serve functional needs as well. They can cover graffiti, provide sound insulation, camouflage structural elements, provide signage, and designate spaces. They’re also ideal as selfie spots for Instagram-worthy pictures that have the potential to go viral with every social share.

We’re happy to craft a Faux Green Wall according to your specifications, using whichever Replica Plants and Flowers we have available. We can also bring your logo, slogan, or decor to life with a specialized design formed from color and plant variations.