Tree Elements

Tree Elements – Artificial Logs, Branches, & Foliage

We’re world-renowned leaders in the creation of Artificial Trees – but sometimes you don’t need an entire tree! We’re pleased to provide a selection of Fabricated Tree Trunks, Artificial Foliage, and Branches for your next project.

These can be used to design a landscape scene, like the Fabricated Cedar Log we provided for a Bass Pro Shops display. We also created Reproduction Trees for their sister brand, Cabela’s. Our Artificial Oak, Maple, Birch and Evergreen Pine Tree, ranging in height from four to twenty-four feet, can be found in over forty Cabela’s retail locations.

Fabricated Branches and Logs can provide structural support for other designs, both artistic and practical. They can also be used to camouflage electrical elements like cameras, speakers and wires.

Other clients use our Fabricated and Replica Tree Trunks for purely artistic creations. Faux Birch Tree Trunks in particular have been used in unique ways. One installation featured paper leaves strung above stately Replica Birch Tree Trunks. Another used the same base product but topped their Birch Trunks with abstract light cubes.

Sometimes an art installation will call for foliage and branches along with trees, flowers, and plants. This is the case with many of our contributions to Vegas Casino garden displays, conservatories, and floral art pieces.

Replica and Fabricated Foliage are popular choices for Artificial Green Walls and Non-Living Vertical Gardens as well. Our artisans use a custom combination of Replica Flowers, Succulents, Mosses, Grasses, and Leaves to make a pattern or abstract design. Indoor Green Walls use the same UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage, while Exterior Green Walls use our Ultraviolet Inhibited UltraLeaf-X® Foliage.