Artificial Palm Plants

Artificial Palm Plants

TreeScapes & PlantWorks specializes in Palm Plants and Palm Trees, and our selection of Artificial Palm Plants demonstrates that! Palms, artificial and real, bring greenery to any area. Their leafy fronds can be made with standard or dense foliage, depending on your needs and preferences.

An Artificial Palm Plant can completely transform an otherwise empty corner, entryway, or balcony. They usually have a noticeable presence because of their height and overall volume. Palm Plants are also popular decor choices in areas where actual Palm Trees and Palm Plants aren’t able to grow. They’re right at home in tropical and desert locations like Las Vegas and Hawaii, but can also be utilized in snowy or cold climates. This makes them even more dramatic, since people aren’t expecting to see that kind of greenery amidst freezing weather!

Find faux Palm Plants for a variety of commercial and residential applications. Our Artificial Traveler’s Palms, Kentia Palms, and Fishtail Palm Plants can be found in restaurants, retail locations, airports, hotels, and casinos around the world. Some are used as collections of plantscapes, while others are displayed individually as accent plants.

The main advantage of Artificial Palm Plants is that they don’t require any upkeep, aside from occasional dusting. Restaurants have found another benefit to our products, though. Artificial Palm Plants and Palm Trees – like all of our Artificial Plants, Flowers, and Trees – have no scent. This means they won’t compete with the delicious smells of food all around! They also don’t trigger allergies, and don’t run the risk of developing root rot or a bad smell from over-watering.

Other options include our award-winning collection of Preserved Palm Trees, and our Exterior Fabricated Palm Trees and Plants.