Specialty Tree & Plant Creations

Innovation, imagination, and creativity are traits that set us apart from anyone else in the industry, and we pride ourselves on these characteristics. While our preserved, fabricated, and reproduction products exceed the industry standard for quality, it is our ability to go beyond the “everyday” designs that makes us unique.

One of our most coveted lines of specialty products includes our inventive Smart Trees™, which are built with integrated video, sound, and computer/tablet components. These are often used in school, library, and hospital designs. Similar trees and plants can be used to conceal electronics like speakers and cameras as well.

Other products we have designed include children’s treehouses inside schools and libraries, hand-carved tikis and table stumps, and even a custom cat tree as an alternative to typical cat towers. You can treat your pet to the very best, or outfit an animal shelter with an appealing, realistic space.

Some of our projects have been purely artistic, like Fabricated Birch Tree Trunks for an installation at a shopping mall. These were set in metal casings and adorned with hanging origami leaves! Another installation used Fabricated Birch Tree Trunks in a different way. These were topped with large, abstract cubes of leaf and petal panels.

Be sure to look at the 19 foot Custom Fantasy Tree that we created for a restaurant in Washington, D.C. We created the base, trunk, and branches. Then, an accomplished artist added fifty hand carved, hand painted flowers. The end result is a Tree of Life statement piece that fits perfectly within the contemporary Mexican restaurant design.

Our artisans and engineers are constantly conceiving new ideas and designs for products, but can also create anything you dream up. This includes ultra-realistic trees and plants that look exactly like their living counterparts, or completely fantastical horticultural creations. Your imagination is our only limitation!