Preserved Palm Trees

Preserved Palm Trees

Our Preserved Palm Trees look real because they are real! We carefully select and harvest palm tree fronds, palm tree bark and related components from real Palm Trees grown at elite nurseries in California.

Then, the tree foliage undergoes our proprietary preservation treatment, which replaces the water found within the cellular structure of each frond. Our fully organic, non-toxic and inherently fire retardant preservative takes the place.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks’ preserved palm fronds and palm tree bark encased tree trunks are made with recycled plant material. They are so resource-efficient that they qualify for up to 90% of their purchase price in LEED credits!

We have a thorough process to ensure that our products are high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly. Fake Preserved Palms are environmentally tested, and we ensure that they’re made inherently fire retardant.

The end result is an “immortalized” Preserved Palm Tree that will retain its natural color, texture, and structural integrity for years to come. If you’re shopping for Preserved Trees and Preserved Palm Trees, you’re in the right place here at TreeScapes & PlantWorks.

Preserved Trees give you the look, feel, and texture of real trees, but with zero upkeep. There’s no need to worry about palm fronds going brown or your statement tree needing more water. These tropical decor trees are the perfect balance of nature and technology.

Preserved Palm Trees bring real plant material into your space, but with none of the upkeep. If you like the idea, we have other Preserved Trees and Plants that you may like. We use the same process to preserve certain Bonsai Trees, Boxwood Hedges, Grasses, Mosses, and Juniper Topiaries. These are also available as Artificial Trees and Plants, which can be displayed outdoors with no damage.

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