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About Us

The Acquisition

On August 19, 2013, my business partner Bryan Stirrat and I purchased the remaining assets of Preserved Treescapes International (“PTI”) from a bank. We formed International Treescapes, LLC, and decided to use the familiar and respected name “TreeScapes” as our moniker. Since then we have dedicated significant time and resources improving and breathing new life into the facilities, systems and production techniques of this quarter century old manufacturer whose global accolades included more than 20,000 successful projects.

Inspiration & Artisans

We were so inspired by the extraordinary line of hand-crafted products and proprietary processes we acquired that we immediately hired over 30 skilled and experienced artisans, most having plied their trade for more than 20 years.

Warehouse Crew Carrying Preserved Date Palm Tree Trunk

International TreeScapes Under New Management

The knowledge, skill and effort put forth by our gifted crew of craftspersons are well complemented by our new “dream team” of talented business specialists who now manage International TreeScapes. These professionals (architect, engineer, chemist, attorney, horticulturist, designer, contractors, etc.) spearhead our company’s revitalization, production and expansion. We further expanded this dream team with the acquisition of another industry powerhouse in 2015 – International PlantWorks

Improvements & Innovation


We immediately launched an on-going program to improve the design, material composition and construction techniques employed in the manufacturing of our products. Our efforts have provided our customers with higher quality, more efficient and durable products. Most importantly, we accomplished these myriad improvements while simultaneously reducing the cost our customers pay for our strikingly beautiful trees, plants and florals. Some of our recent advances include:

  • Since August of 2013, our fully-fabricated tree trunks are all made with inherently fire retarding materials;
  • Our UltraLeaf-IFR®, inherently fire retarding (“IFR”) artificial foliage, has been enriched by the reformulation of the polymers that provide the fire retarding protections as proven by independent laboratory testing;
  • Our UltraLeaf-X®, ultraviolet inhibiting (“UVI”) artificial exterior foliage, has been reengineered for improved durability and greater color-fade protection as proven by independent laboratory testing;
  • Our Preserved Palm Fronds have significantly benefited from the enhancements made to our proprietary preservation system which improved the color, longevity, and IFR protection imbued within our iconic line of preserved palm fronds;
  • The creation and implementation of advanced construction technologies and methodologies that we specifically tailored for our products has resulted in manufacturing cost reductions which translated into lower costs for our customers;
  • We modified the design, increased the amount of steel and changed the welding process used in the assembly of the steel inner-core found within our fabricated trees, which has increased the tree’s overall strength while simultaneously enhancing its already natural appearance.


Our R&D engineers have been working overtime creating many new products, each designed to break outdated molds and transform the historically stagnant artificial horticulture industry into a more effective and user-friendly design platform. The integration of our state-of-the-art construction systems with ever-evolving technologies (i.e., video, audio, security, computers, antennae, etc.) has already produced a wide array of new products including our Smart-Trees®, TreeLusions®, Screen-It® Component Camouflage Systems to completely reimagined colors, textures and shapes. We are creating the next ‘must-have’ products that will spark interest, challenge the senses and lead the industry for years to come.

Our Promise

We will construct our trees, plants and botanicals with an extraordinary amount of attention paid to detail and quality. We will meticulously construct our products with the singular goal of not merely meeting, but exceeding, our customers’ expectations.

Customer Relationships

Our dedicated management professionals, enthusiastic production department and unwavering commitment to providing the industry’s finest products and service, form a rock-solid foundation that will fuel our continued improvements, innovations and growth. Importantly, this foundation bolsters our determination to engage in long term, mutually rewarding, collaborations with each customer.

With appreciation and warmest personal regards,
Ira A. Falk, President