Artificial Topiaries

Artificial Topiaries

Topiaries have always been a versatile design element, giving you the choice between a variety of shapes, styles, and plant materials. TreeScapes & PlantWorks has recreated these options in our Artificial Topiaries!

Our Artificial Topiaries collection begins with traditional English garden style Ball Finial Topiaries, Conical Topiaries, and Spiral Topiaries. These are available as Replica Topiaries (for interior decor) and Fabricated Topiaries (for exterior decor and custom creations).

There are many unique choices beyond the standard Obelisk, Hedge, and Spear Topiaries. Consider an Artificial Animal Shape Topiary, or a faux Topiary formed to spell a special word or phrase. Letters, numbers, simple logos, and even abstract shapes can all be created by our expert artisans.

Some of our favorite Artificial Topiary designs have been oversized, dramatic topiaries that can’t be ignored! This includes a huge Elephant Topiary and a set of giant letters that spell out a HOPE Topiary. We’ve also provided some impressive Faux Topiaries for casino artistic attractions and gardens.

Find our Artificial Topiary Trees & Plants at theme parks, casinos, airports, and hotels around the world! We’re happy to fulfill your design dream or schedule a consultation to help you come up with the perfect Artificial Topiary.

If you need inspiration, take a look at some of the most popular options for an Artificial Topiary. Don’t see what you want? We can still make it happen!

  • Artificial Topiary Balls
  • Artificial Spiral Topiary
  • Artificial Topiary Plants
  • Artificial Topiary Animals
  • Artificial Topiary Trees
  • Artificial Topiary Obelisks
  • Artificial Boxwood Topiary
  • Artificial Boxwood Tree