Preserved Grasses & Moss

Preserved Grasses & Moss

Preserved Grasses & Moss are versatile plant design elements that can be used in a variety of ways. We often incorporate Preserved Grass and Preserved Moss into our Custom Green Walls. They provide color, texture, and an excellent base to display additional flowers, succulents, or other foliage.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers preserved products that are made from real grass and moss plant material. These are carefully harvested and then preserved in our proprietary solution. This replaces the water in the plant cells with chemicals that make it “immortal”, as well as imbuing Inherently Fire Retardant qualities into the cell structure.

Our exclusive preservation solution is organic, non-toxic, and highly effective. Add a natural touch with the durability of man-made products when you design or decorate with Preserved Grasses & Moss.

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We also have our Replica Treeproductions™ line of trees, plants, and flowers. These often use natural wood for the branches and trunks, but they are otherwise entirely manmade. Both Preserved and Replica Grasses and Moss can be used for interior design projects.

Preserved Plants will maintain their natural color and shape, so we have less flexibility in customizing those products. If you want a unique plantscape that features Preserved Moss or Preserved Grass, we recommend a custom Artificial Green Wall.

Choose from a variety of Preserved and Replica Plants, Succulents, and Flowers. Some clients prefer a traditional Green Wall that only uses green foliage, but others like to mix in a wide variety of colors and textures.

If you have exterior design in mind, consider our Fabricated Plants and Trees. They’re designed to withstand the elements, and they use our Ultraviolet Inhibited UltraLeaf-X® Foliage. The other advantage of our Fabricated Products is that they can be completely customized however you would like.