Artificial Evergreen Trees

Artificial Evergreen Trees

Artificial Evergreen Trees by TreeScapes & PlantWorks come in a wide variety of options, including Artificial Cypress Trees, Juniper Trees, Pine Trees, and Spruce Trees. People frequently think of Artificial Evergreen Trees around the holidays, but they’re an ideal decor choice any time.

Our Artificial Evergreen Trees have a big factor in common with real Evergreen Trees: they stay green all year! The advantage of an Artificial Evergreen, though, is that it doesn’t require water, sunshine, pruning, or fertilizer.

Some may wonder, then, why they need an artificial version of a tree that stays green throughout the seasons. Our versions don’t require the upkeep of a live tree, as mentioned above, and they don’t need room to grow. You don’t have to worry about the roots upsetting sidewalks or house foundations, and you don’t have to watch out for standing water that may attract mosquitoes.

Anyone who has had a real Christmas tree can also tell you that they can be messy! They shed needles and have sticky sap. A Faux Fir Tree has none of these drawbacks, but all of the beauty and presence of a real Fir Tree.

Artificial Evergreen Trees are ideal for winter destinations like ski lodges and resorts. You can leave the Faux Evergreen Tree in the lobby all year round, or just display it during the holiday months. Others have used our sturdy, steel core, Fabricated Evergreen Trees as additions to groves of real trees. These can be a strong base for a treehouse or zip line or allow you to conceal security cameras and tech inside.

Consider Artificial Evergreen Trees like traditional Long Needle Pine Trees and Norway Spruce Trees, as well as Juniper and Cypress Topiary Trees. Whatever you choose, your trees will be beautiful and nearly maintenance free for years to come.