Artificial Flowering Plants

Artificial Flowering Plants

Flowering Plants combine greenery and blooms in one beautiful piece of decor. Choose from pots, planters, and vases filled with your favorite Artificial Flowering Plants, including Roses, Hydrangeas, Verbena, Daffodils, and more!

Some prefer smaller faux Flowering Plants to set on a tabletop or a window, while others want Flowering Plants that are closer to small trees or bushes. TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers a multitude of sizes, varieties, foliage types, and bloom colors. We can assist you in creating a display that features tons of green foliage, or florals in whatever colors you like. These are then artfully arranged in beautiful containers, or “planted” as exterior landscaping.

You may opt for Artificial Poinsettia Plants during the holidays, or vivid Artificial Succulents to celebrate summer. Traditional Faux Flowers like Begonias, Bougainvilleas, and Peonies are in bloom all year long at TreeScapes & PlantWorks. Don’t forget to consider other, unexpected options in Artificial Flowering Plants, like Cacti and Flowering Trees.

Our Fabricated Flowering Plants are Ultraviolet Inhibited and suitable for exterior and interior use. These are made using Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) Rated UltraLeaf-X® Foliage, which is exposed to thousands of hours of UV light for testing. Our products show zero degradation after these tests, so they’re durable and beautiful.

Our Replica Plants, however, are Inherently Fire Retardant and designed exclusively for interior use. They have our UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage and have been vigorously tested and approved as fire retardant products. This feature makes them a popular choice among commercial clients seeking indoor tree and plant installations.

Potted Flowers and Plants are popular on their own, but we use our Artificial Flowering Plants for other projects, too. They can be incorporated into Floral Baskets or Arrangements, or used on a custom Green Wall. We can also assist with exterior landscaping using these low maintenance, realistic blooms.