Preserved Topiaries & Hedges

Preserved Topiaries & Hedges

Preserved Topiaries & Hedges are an innovative solution for interior design and decoration. These fully organic, non-toxic creations begin as real Juniper and Boxwood, either as hedges or topiaries.

Then, we apply our proprietary preservation solution, which makes the plant long-lasting, always green, and “immortalized”. Many clients use Preserved Topiaries in unique shapes and designs to decorate the interiors of hotels, casinos, and restaurants.

Others use Preserved Hedges to divide rooms or provide pathways. The biggest advantage of Preserved Topiaries & Hedges is that they require little to no maintenance! There’s no need for water, fertilizer, or pruning with these plants.

Consider installing Preserved Boxwood Hedges as a natural, appealing way to designate cubicle space or different sections of a restaurant. Traditional Topiary shapes like Balls, Finials, Obelisks, and Cones provide a sophisticated look, while creative shapes like Animals, Letters, and Numbers can offer whimsical decor.

Preserved Topiaries and Hedges have many advantages over living topiaries, and the most obvious one is that of pruning. Living topiaries require constant upkeep to maintain their shape and ensure that they’re recognizable. Overgrown, shaggy, or sparse topiaries and hedges all look unattractive and uninviting.

Opting for Preserved Hedges and Preserved Topiaries means no pruning at all. You don’t have to worry about making a wrong cut and destroying the look of the topiary. Our proprietary preservation process also imbues our plants, trees, and foliage with Inherently Fire Retardant chemicals. They’re safe for indoor commercial spaces and have been rigorously tested to meet national fire code requirements.

If you’re looking for something on a smaller scale, our Preserved Bonsai Trees are the perfect choice. Real Bonsai Plants and Trees are designed to be carefully clipped and nurtured, and there are numerous advantages to this practice. Not everyone has the time or patience, though, to cultivate their own Bonsai. Ours come mature, and eternally green!