Preserved Plants

Preserved Plants

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers a variety of Preserved Plants, including Preserved Topiaries, Preserved Hedges, Preserved Moss, and Preserved Grass. We also offer our innovative signature product that can’t be missed: Preserved Palm Trees.

When we refer to “Preserved Plants”, this specifically references our Preserved Juniper Topiaries, Preserved Juniper Bonsai Trees & Plants, Preserved Italian Cypress Trees & Plants, Preserved Boxwood Hedges, and Preserved Boxwood Topiaries. These are usually bigger elements, but we also have a selection of Preserved Grasses and Preserved Mosses to add those final touches.

Preserved Moss and Grass are most often used to add color and volume to the base of a potted tree and plant, as well as in Floral Arrangements and Green Walls.

We create these Preserved Products using a proprietary process and preservation solution. The first step is harvesting quality plant material from nurseries and groves. Then, we apply our proprietary preservation treatment to the plant foliage and material. This replaces the water found within the cellular structure, and also imbues them with Inherently Fire Retardant chemicals. Our fully organic, non-toxic preservative solution is a TreeScapes & PlantWorks exclusive.

The end result is an “immortalized” Preserved Plant that will retain its natural color, texture, and structural integrity for years to come. Choose from a variety of Preserved Plant options, including:

Preserved Juniper Topiaries

  • Bonsai
  • Italian Cypress Style
  • Juniper Ball Finial
  • Juniper Conical
  • Juniper Spiral
  • Juniper Sphere

Preserved Boxwoods

  • Boxwood Hedge
  • Boxwood Spiral

Preserved Grasses

  • Cropped Grass
  • Liriope Grass
  • Mondo Grass
  • Papyrus