Tech & Column Concealment

Our artisans and engineers are experts at camouflaging structural columns and support beams. Our decorative elements can either enhance a current design or create a “wow” factor that conceals unsightly structures; additionally, any Concealment Wrap can include an access hatch for, as an example, electrical or plumbing needs.

Smart Trees™ are the byproduct of integrating technology into our line of ultra-realistic Fabricated Plants and Trees. Most commonly designed in order to display tablets, Smart Trees™ also hosts radio equipment, speakers, cameras, LED lighting, and other types of computer equipment. Smart Trees™ are the next evolution in artificial horticultural creations and design.

Whether a project desires a natural, realistic look or a whimsical fantasy, our Fabricated Column Concealment products will meet any interior or exterior design need to enhance the aesthetic look of cruise ships, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, movie sets and more.

Concealment Specialty Products by TreeScapes & PlantWorks have been used in a number of creative ways. The most common are our Column Concealment Wraps, which take a structural necessity and turn it into a work of art. Instead of seeing an unsightly column, you see a tall tree trunk stretching to the sky.

These are especially popular on film, TV, and theater sets. It’s important to maintain the illusion within those spaces, and an oddly placed column or panel can take the audience out of the fantasy. We’ve also had many successful column concealment projects for Libraries and Schools. One unique library, for example, had us turn their columns into impressive Black Oak, Magnolia, and Sugar Maple Trees.

These are large scale projects, but our smaller-scale products are just as creative and effective. We can turn a Fabricated Tree Trunk into a toy chest, for example, or hide an electrical box behind a hinged Artificial Boxwood casing. Whether you need to hide a single security camera or want to create an entirely new space, TreeScapes & PlantWorks is here to help.