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Custom Artificial Treehouse

Custom Artificial Treehouse

Custom Artificial Treehouse

Treehouses are iconic in American culture, representing childhood, freedom, and a connection to nature. Actually making a Treehouse, though, can be quite a challenge. You need tall, sturdy trees with enough branches and canopy to support the Treehouse structure. The tree will be damaged by the construction, and the Treehouse can’t usually be moved after it’s complete. Plus, it’s tough to find any indoor Treehouses made from living trees!

TreeScapes & PlantWorks create Custom Artificial Treehouses that offer form, function, and flexibility. These kid-friendly spaces can have any colors or theme that you prefer and be made to accommodate small or large groups. They provide spaces for climbing, relaxing, hiding, and exploring. Libraries and children’s centers use our Custom Artificial Treehouses to encourage reading, active movement, and imaginative play.


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