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Customizable Treelusions® Tree

Customizable Treelusions® Tree

Customizable Treelusions® Tree

Imagine treescapes of customized artificial year-round trees! Our Treelusions® trees are available in colors that follow the seasons, match a holiday, theme, special event, or even your décor. We’ve made that remarkable concept a reality, and we call it Treelusions®!

Treelusions® feature a custom-fabricated tree trunk, interchangeable branching, and a nearly endless array of foliage options.

Our immensely talented artisans can create your tree in configurations that will change size, color, density, and/or shading in only a few minutes. Best of all, we construct these stunningly beautiful trees to your exact specifications, so you will never have to deal with “fitting square pegs into round holes”. Plus, these Artificial Trees have been environmentally tested and made with inherently fire retardant materials. Click here to learn more about IFR rated foliage.

For example, Treelusions®  can transform their appearances by replacing Green Oak branching and foliage with Fall Maple, Ficus Benjamina, Sequoia, Pine, Cherry Blossom, Weeping Willow, or even an imaginative or interpretative foliage design of your choosing; all within minutes. It’s a great way to keep your faux trees fresh and seasonal throughout the year. Treelusions® provides options to match every mood, moment, and decor.

Built for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, you no longer have to spend the funds to acquire, install, and remove multiple trees in order to accomplish what this exceptional creation does by its very design. This unique innovation is all about convenience and cost-savings, yet it provides an impressive “wow” factor as it carries the high-quality DNA found in all of our products.


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