Artificial Hardwood Trees

Artificial Hardwood Trees

Hardwood Trees are commonly used for construction, flooring, and furniture, but they’re also very beautiful and functional. They provide shade, privacy, and a natural appealing presence. Our Artificial Hardwood Trees include all of the most requested varieties, including Artificial Elm Trees, Ironwood Trees, Maple Trees, and Oak Trees.

Restaurants around the world have added statement trees to their decor, and Artificial Hardwoods from TreeScapes & PlantWorks are an industry favorite. Customize these trees with your choice of foliage, hue, and height. We can create perfect Replica Hardwood Trees or unique Fabricated Hardwood Trees.

Artificial Hardwood Trees are particularly appealing because they connote wisdom, strength, and stability in so many cultures. They grow strong and sturdy in forests around the world and can give a sense of well-being at just a glance.

Another benefit of Artificial Hardwood Trees is their ability to match current decor. If you already have hardwood floors, or hardwood furniture, a similar type of Artificial Hardwood Tree can be the perfect addition. You can have the bark be the same color as the existing hardwood, or go for a complementary color that provides some depth and contrast.

Hardwood Trees are popular picks for treehouses and play structures as well. All of our Fabricated Trees can be made to support construction like that, but sometimes Faux Hardwood Trees just feel like the natural choice. The steel core trunks of our Fabricated Trees are more than enough to hold elaborate treehouses, both inside and out.

Some clients even mix and match their Fabricated Tree components. Sushisamba restaurant, for example, features a Custom Fabricated Tree at their London location. It features a Faux Tropical Tree Trunk (Banyan) and Hardwood Tree Foliage (Oak). Similar combinations can be made with other Fake Hardwood Trees, as well as our Artificial Flowering, Fruit, and Evergreen Trees.