Artificial Leafy Plants

Artificial Leafy Plants

Leafy Plants are all about foliage and greenery, and our Artificial Leafy Plants are no exception. The selection from TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers the most popular Leafy Plants, as well as some that might surprise you!

See images of our Artificial Palm Plants, Fiddle Leaf Figs, and Philodendrons, and choose from Artificial Ivy, Potted Pothos Plants, Ferns, and Ivy. These faux Leafy Green Plants can be subtle accents or dramatic statement pieces – the choice is yours. They’re also ideal for use in Floral Arrangements and Green Walls.

You may also enjoy our selection of Artificial Topiaries, which give a classic look that’s made to last. TreeScapes & PlantWorks has many styles of Artificial Plants available, including Flowering Plants, Palm Plants, Grasses and Mosses, Succulents & Cacti, and Bamboo. Our Artificial Leafy Plants are among the most versatile of products, though.

Fake Leafy Plants can range from a single potted Grape Ivy plant, or an entire wall covered in Artificial Ivy. You can use Faux Ferns to add volume to a Floral Arrangement, or position potted Arboricola Plants at either side of an entryway. Options include everything from leafy Artificial Garlands to smaller artificial versions of stately Pine, Black Olive, and Willow Trees.

Artificial Leafy Plants by TreeScapes & PlantWorks can be found all over the world, and are especially prominent in airports and hotels. Both are great places to add greenery that makes an enclosed, often crowded space feel like it has life and breathing room. Visitors often don’t even realize that they’re looking at faux versions of their favorite greenery!

Fake Leafy Plants offer numerous advantages, but the most commonly praised feature is how low-maintenance they are. Designers select Faux Plants because they retain their shape, color, and texture long beyond a natural plant. They don’t need to be watered, fertilized, pruned, or re-potted. You never have to worry about your potted bush growing into a full grown tree that won’t fit in your space!