Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees have become an essential component of any commercial designer’s toolbox. They can be used to create an evocative, memorable space that will impress guests! Artificial Trees offer most of the same benefits as natural living trees, but without the need to water or prune.

Restaurants are particularly fond of Artificial Trees because natural trees and plants can be difficult to maintain. A tall green tree might make someone want to sit and dine, but a rotting or dying tree is a big deterrent. They also have the advantage of having no floral or green scent to compete with the aroma from the kitchen. Artificial Trees let you keep your gorgeous decor looking fresh and in bloom for years to come.

Choose from different styles of Artificial Trees, like Artificial Hardwood Trees, Fruit Trees, or Flowering Trees. Or, design with tree meanings in mind! Olive and Oak Trees represent wisdom, while Cherry Blossom Trees represent love and femininity. Elms, Birch Trees, Poplars, Pines, and Apple Trees, among many others, all have their own symbolisms.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers two main styles of Artificial Trees: Fabricated Trees and Replica Trees. Fabricated Trees are entirely manmade and suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Replica Trees feature natural wood trunks and botanical accuracy that is ideal for indoor use. If you’re seeking a larger than life Artificial Tree, or one with a lot of customization, we suggest a Fabricated Tree. This option allows us to create nearly any tree you can dream up, regardless of size, shape, or color. These trees say goodbye to botanical accuracy and hello to fantastic, artistic creations.

If you’re not sure which Artificial Trees are right for you, contact us for a consultation. We’re happy to discuss your project and find the best ways to assist you in creating your vision.