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Artificial Italian Cypress Tree

Artificial Italian Cypress Tree

Artificial Italian Cypress Tree

Italian Cypress Trees grow in a tall, slim shape. They are sometimes referred to as columnar trees, for their tall and narrow shape. This, combined with their lush foliage, give them the look of a Topiary Tree. Many topiary artists like to trim Italian Cypress Trees, so they match the neat, clean look of other Topiaries. The foliage can also be used for other Topiary shapes, like Spiral Topiaries and Conical Topiaries.

These unique trees are popular for dividing spaces and creating privacy. They can be planted in rows to create a wall or border or be planted in pots as stand-alone creations. If you would prefer to skip the watering, pruning, and upkeep, our Artificial Italian Cypress Trees are the perfect solution. Living Italian Cypress and Mediterranean Cypress Trees are already drought-resistant, but our faux versions require zero water and can withstand exposure to the elements. Living versions are also fast growing trees that require frequent pruning and trimming. Faux versions are perfectly sculpted and will never grow beyond the shape you select!

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