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Artificial Chestnut Tree

Artificial Chestnut Tree

Artificial Chestnut Tree

Chestnut Trees are grown around the globe, but American Chestnuts were once considered the most important forest trees. The American Chestnut was said to be the finest type of Chestnut Tree in the world. Unfortunately, a blight destroyed the vast majority of American Chestnuts in the early 1900s. The population went from an estimated 3 billion mature trees to only about a hundred, or fewer.

Chinese Chestnut Trees and hybrid Chestnut Trees are still common, but decorating or crafting with American Chestnuts isn’t generally possible. Our Artificial Chestnut Trees give you lifelike realism and beauty, but with no concerns about affecting the already dwindling population. They’re also impervious to blight, making them a durable long term choice.

We installed Replica Chestnut Trees at Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas, because they wanted to emulate authentic German Biergartens like the Hofbräuhaus in Munich:


The chestnut trees found in many Biergartens aren’t just for looks. Their sprawling branches were used as an additional cooling method for the beer buried below the river banks of the Isar River. Today, they are still used to provide ample shade for beer-guzzling guests.

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