Treeproductions® is our museum-quality line of Replica Trees, Plants, Hedges and Botanicals. These interior products rival Mother Nature in accuracy and detail. From our best-selling Boxwood Hedges to our delicate Cherry Blossom Trees, TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers one of the largest catalogs of reproduction horticultural products in the industry.

Our Reproduction Trees combine all-natural wood tree trunks with commercial grade, non-living foliage. This results in extremely realistic products that cannot be replicated by big box retailers who sell artificial trees with painted plastic branches and trunks.

Additionally, our reproduction products can be created to your exact specifications and are easy to clean when dust settles years after installation.

  • Maintenance Free: Treeproductions® do not require water, sunlight, soil and soil treatment, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer
  • Tree Shape options include: Vase, Canopy, & Columnar
  • Foliage Density options include: Light & Airy (light/laced), Designer Select (standard), and Signature Series (dense)
  • Trunk Options include: Single, All-Natural Multi-Trunk or Exotic (Mystic Timber) Multi-Trunk