Artificial Tropical Trees
Artificial Banyan Tree

Artificial Banyan Tree

Artificial Banyan Tree

Banyan Trees are actually Plants that begin their growth by seed germination in or on another Plant or Tree. They are a tropical species of Fig Tree that are characterized by prop roots. The aerial prop roots grow above ground and eventually become indistinguishable from the Tree trunk. Their unique structure, with roots growing up and branches growing down, have made them a noteworthy species.

Banyans have special symbolism in Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as many Asian and Pacific cultures. TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers Artificial Banyan Trees with those same distinctive prop roots and green, elliptical shaped foliage. Live Banyans are considering an invasive species, so they aren’t often a good choice for pairing with other Trees and Plants. Artificial Banyan Trees, however, can “live” in harmony with any other species, in any environment!

This item is available as a Fabricated or Replica item. The product images may show a different version of this product; please note that variations in material and appearance may occur. Additionally, all items are custom made to specifications and completely unique. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like additional reference images. Email or call 1-800-527-8884.


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