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UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage

UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage

UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage

Ultraleaf ifr foliage sealUltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage is an exclusive TreeScapes & PlantWorks creation. This type of artificial plant material is Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) and does not sustain fire after the flame is removed. It is the preferred material choice for interior projects that don’t involve direct sun exposure.

For exterior projects, and interior work that will be exposed to sunlight or other weather conditions, we recommend our UltraLeaf-X® Foliage.

UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage is tested and in compliance with the following state, national, and commercial building codes:

  • California Title 19
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701
  • U.S. Government SIN-494-4 flammability code
  • American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) E-84
  • Qualifies as NFPA Class A fire-retardant material
  • Qualifies as UBC Class 1 fire-retardant material

Our UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage is used to create many of our interior products, such as:

  • Flame retardant artificial florals
  • Flame retardant artificial plants
  • Flame retardant artificial green walls
  • Flame retardant artificial topiaries
  • Flame retardant artificial hedges

UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage is impregnated with fire-retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. These Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) components are safer and more effective than topically applied fire retardants. The IFR material is “inherently” blended into the material during the manufacturing process.


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