Artificial Flowering Plants
Artificial Gardenia Plant

Artificial Gardenia Plant

Artificial Gardenia Plant

Gardenias are a flowering evergreen shrub, but they’re most often referred to as Gardenia Plants, or Gardenia Bushes. Many also like to decorate with or gift Gardenia Flowers.

Artificial Gardenia Plants by TreeScapes & PlantWorks bring the realism of a living Gardenia to any space you like! Our Artificial Gardenias feature the same shiny, dark green leaves and white blossoms. Gardenias have white petals with a unique waxy texture. We offer two types of Artificial Gardenias:

Replica Gardenia Plants and Flowers are made with our UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage, which is IFR Rated (Inherently Fire Retardant) and approved for interior and commercial applications. Fabricated Gardenia Plants and Flowers are made with our UltraLeaf-X® Foliage, which is UVI Rated (Ultraviolet Inhibited) and approved for exterior applications.

This item is available as a Fabricated or Replica item. The product images may show a different version of this product; please note that variations in material and appearance may occur. Additionally, all items are custom made to specifications and completely unique. Please contact us directly if you have any questions or would like additional reference images. Email or call 1-800-527-8884.


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