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Artificial Topiaries

Artificial Topiaries Presented by TreeScapes
Preserved Juniper Topiaries by TreeScapes
Artificial Boxwood Two Ball Topiary by TreeScapes
Exterior Boxwood Hedge
Colored Artificial Topiaries by TreeScapes

TreeScapes & PlantWorks have been leading innovators and manufacturers of preserved and artificial topiaries/topiary trees for over 30 years. We’re helping to usher these magnificent products indoors, creating alternative exterior options that combine form and function.


Our creations can help reduce maintenance costs and provide concealment or room division. TreeScapes is proud to help designers and architects utilize our products to address functional needs worldwide.

A Topiary is the horticultural practice of clipping and pruning trees, shrubs and plants into clearly defined shapes.   Originating in ancient Rome during the rise of Julius Caesar and reaching its zenith in popular culture with imaginative displays in Disneyland in 1964 (based on their popular characters), the Topiary has long been a fashionable component within exterior landscape design.

Artificial Topiaries by TreeScapes


TreeScapes’ fabricated and replica topiaries feature the highest artisan-quality workmanship and require no maintenance other than a simple dusting or occasional rinse off. Faux Topiaries are typically made with boxwood or juniper type foliage but can also be made with succulents, privet, Ficus, Podocarpus, or artificial flowers. A custom artificial topiary also can be made of artificial ornamental grasses to create a contemporary modern look.

Our museum-quality reproduction topiary trees are ideal for creating unforgettably natural-looking, mini indoor landscapes that can serve as unique property accents for office buildings, hotels, retail venues, and more. Hand-crafted to meet the needs of your commercial space, our top-of-the-line reproductions are so realistic, both you and your customers will find it hard to believe they’re artificial.

Unique Shapes and Sizes


From the smallest intricately crafted Bonsai topiary to our towering Italian Cypress topiary, the horticultural realism of TreeScapes’ artificial topiary plants is stunning. International TreeScapes offers the largest selection of commercial grade, custom-built, preserved, exterior and reproduction artificial on the market today, including:

Ball Finial Topiaries

Conical Topiaries

Hedge Topiaries

Obelisk Topiaries

Spear Topiaries

Spiral and Double Spiral Topiaries

Letter and Number Shape Topiaries

Custom Shape Topiaries such as animals, figures, or abstract forms.

Green Walls


Other TreeScapes and PlantWorks specialty creations include our show-stopping succulent walls, flower walls, and non-living green walls. We combine faux plants, flowers, and grasses to create a lush wall display. We can design a wall accent piece that’s only a few feet tall/wide, or create an entire dividing wall.


Flower walls are a perfect match for the style of Las Vegas, and we have several currently installed there. Check out the flower wall at the Revolve shop at the Palms, and the flower wall at Catch restaurant at Aria. We also have a unique plant wall at Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Caesar’s Palace. What elements would you include on your custom flower wall? See the images below for inspiration…

Las Vegas Flower Wall Revolve x Palms
Instagrammable Place: Artificial Flower Wall at CATCH Aria

TreeScapes’ topiaries are often used to accentuate building entrances, lobbies, staircases, empty niches or ledge, or to provide a unique focal point at an interesting location. Beyond their beauty and innovation, TreeScapes’ interior and exterior topiary trees meet and exceed the strictest industry standards for both safety and durability. These environmentally tested products are constructed with either:

    • Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) commercial-grade foliage for interior use,
    • Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI) commercial-grade foliage for exterior use, or
    • IFR Preserved Natural Foliage for interior use

Lightweight and long-lasting, our faux topiary artwork is also immensely suitable for weight load restricted areas. And with the use of our proprietary techniques, and the most advanced materials at our disposal, we ensure that every TreeScapes reproduction stands as a proud representative of our trade.

And we guarantee that you’ll never have to trim, tweak, or rake up after our artificial topiary creations! They’ll keep their shapely appearance, year after year, without the need to prune.

Functional Needs


Faux topiary trees and artificial flowers are a great way to brighten the ambience, reduce stress, and bring ‘a little faux life’ to any indoor space. However, architects and designers often use topiaries and hedges for more functional and specific purposes, the most common of which are:

    • Space-Divider,
    • Crowd Control, and
    • Concealment

Artificial topiaries and hedges are now commonly used in restaurants, creating privacy between booths and tables; in parking lots, where they serve as an aesthetic median between lanes; and in large conference centers, where they are an effective form of crowd control.

Consider the artificial topiary as the ideal embellishing solution wherever you might want to:

    • Support a sign or awning,
    • Conceal a security camera, or
    • Simply add a touch of class

If you think you’ve seen a faux topiary before, we invite you to experience the artisan-quality workmanship, engineering excellence, and exquisitely natural detail that go into every one of our customized products.

Given the years of enjoyment they offer, the multitude of sites they enhance, and the huge savings in maintenance costs they represent, TreeScapes topiary trees may just be the ultimate investment in both beauty and your business.

In fact, our faux topiary is the best way to accomplish a variety of design effects that live plants simply can’t.

Artificial Topiaries Photo Gallery