TreeScapes & PlantWorks is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and sales of preserved trees, plants, hedges, topiaries, and grasses. These products all begin as live trees and plants, which are sustainably sourced from elite California nurseries. We treat them with our exclusive preservation solution, which also makes them Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) and “immortalized”. This allows us to capture the small details of organic plant material in a lifelike state for years to come.

FAQ About Preserved Trees & Plants

Our Preservation Team gathers fresh palm tree fronds and bark, juniper and boxwood foliage, and various grasses. They are immediately brought to our Preservation Manufacturing Facility, where they are immersed in our proprietary preservation solution.

The fronds, foliage, and grasses draw up the solution, replacing the water in their cells with our fully organic, non-toxic and inherently fire retardant preservative. Although the ingredients in the preservation solution are proprietary, they include a humectant to keep the leaves soft, a fire retardant for safety, and dyes to keep the leaves green.

It takes approximately two weeks to completely preserve most of our trees and plants. During this time, the preservation solution “immortalizes” the plant matter while maintaining its life-like appearance and feel. Most products are dried for at least 60 days before they are used.

The end result is an “immortalized” preserved palm tree, hedge, topiary, or grass plant that will retain its natural color, texture, and structural integrity for years to come. If you’re shopping the preserved tree/palm tree market, you’re in the right place here at TreeScapes & PlantWorks.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks’ preserved plants, palm fronds and palm tree bark encased tree trunks are made with recycled plant material. They are so resource-efficient that they qualify for up to 90% of their purchase price in LEED credits!

We have a thorough process to ensure that our products are high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly. Fake preserved palms and plants are environmentally tested, and we ensure that they’re made inherently fire retardant.

Preserved trees give you the look, feel, and texture of real trees, but with zero upkeep. There’s no need to worry about palm fronds going brown or your statement tree needing more water. These tropical decor trees are the perfect balance of nature and technology.

Preserved Trees & Plants are made with natural plant material that has been chemically treated for longevity and fire retarding properties. Fabricated Trees & Plants are completely manmade to any custom shape or size. Replica Trees & Plants are made with natural plant materials, like natural wood trunks, as well as artificial foliage.

Our artisans also helped pioneer the use of Preserved Palm Trees as a Las Vegas decor trend. The Mirage Hotel boasted an atrium full of gracefully arching Preserved Palms and additional plants for its grand opening over thirty years ago, and MGM Grand just ordered Preserved Palms for a lobby display in 2019!

Travelers near and far have likely encountered our Preserved Products without even realizing. They’ve been used as interior decor for major airports, shopping centers, casinos, restaurants, and hotels worldwide. One notable example is the many varieties of Preserved Palm Trees that we’ve provided for Margaritaville Restaurants and Resorts across America.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers many Preserved Products, but not all trees and plants are suitable for the preservation process. It depends on how much moisture they have, how they dry, and many other factors. We’re pleased to have one of the largest selections in the industry, along with unparalleled quality and durability.

Preserved Palm Trees

  • Coconut Palm Tree
  • Date Palm Tree
  • Mini Date Palm Tree
  • Phoenix Dactylifera Palm Tree
  • Phoenix Roebelenii Palm Tree
  • Sago Palm Tree
  • Skinny Palm Tree
  • Washingtonia Robusta Palm Tree

Preserved Boxwoods

  • Boxwood Hedge
  • Boxwood Spiral

Preserved Juniper Topiaries

  • Bonsai
  • Italian Cypress Style
  • Juniper Ball Finial
  • Juniper Conical
  • Juniper Spiral
  • Juniper Sphere

Preserved Mosses

Preserved Grasses

  • Cropped Grass
  • Liriope Grass
  • Mondo Grass
  • Papyrus