Fabricated Trees & Plants

When a design requires something special in terms of size, complexity, or botanical accuracy, our Fabricated Trees, Plants, Flowers, Logs and Hedges are the perfect solution. Exterior/outside projects also call for our Fabricated Products, as they are made to withstand the elements. These are crafted with our UltraLeaf-X®: UltraViolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) artificial exterior foliage.

We encourage you to let your mind wander and dream beyond the confines of reality and “botanically correct” shapes and styles. Our Fabricated creations are often rooted in fantasy, and come to life on theater stages, as treehouses in libraries, and as pieces of modern art in hotels, casinos, restaurants and shopping centers.

They are even capable of housing a wide array of integrated systems, and components including lighting, audio, video, computers, plumbing, water misters, beer taps, storage components and much more. These are the iconic structures that your customers will remember, take pictures of, and then come back to see again.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks’ Fabricated Trees are extremely popular, but our Fabricated Plants and Fabricated Flowers are equally impressive. Exterior Floral Arrangements and Hanging Floral Baskets are filled with sun and rain resistant blooms and foliage that brighten up any outside space.

Some of our most note-worthy fabricated products include sky-scraping Bamboo and Palm Trees that stand over 70 feet in height, Oak and Banyan Trees that span over 30 feet in height and width, and a 32-foot wide Cherry Blossom Tree used on the Memoirs of a Geisha film set.

We’ve also received recent praise for our popular Fabricated Artificial Black Olive Trees and Fabricated Artificial Outdoor Italian Cypress trees. Both offer a touch of the Mediterranean that’s sure to please a crowd!

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FAQ About Fabricated Trees & Plants

Yes! Exterior/outside projects call for our Fabricated Products, as they are made to withstand the elements. These are crafted with our UltraLeaf-X®: UltraViolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) artificial exterior foliage.

Our in-house artisans have traveled the world, collecting molds from real trees and plants. These are used to shape our creations and create amazingly detailed and realistic products.

Fabricated Products by TreeScapes & PlantWorks are customized works of art. They are engineered from the ground up, to ensure safety and weight load, as well as wind shear for exterior products. Because our products are built with material more durable and lighter weight than concrete (often used by other fabricators), they are the perfect solution for weight load restricted areas.

Fabricated Products from TreeScapes & PlantWorks are custom created to meet exact specifications, including height, canopy shape, foliage, and bark. These products do not require water, sunlight, soil and soil treatment, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer. They will never brown, wither, or die. They’re also made to withstand the elements, so they can safely remain in areas with wind and sun exposure for years and years.

Our fully customized Fabricated Products are completely unique, and can be crafted to match whatever specs, look, or style you would like.

Foliage Density

  • Open and Lacey: Our lightest density option, ideal for areas where light penetration and sight lines need to remain open.
  • Designer Select: Our most popular foliage option, offering medium density and a balance of light and visibility.
  • Signature Series: Our most dense foliage option, most often used for trees and plants that divide space, provide privacy, or block out light.

Foliage Shape

  • Canopy Style: A traditional tree shape with a standard size trunks and large, overarching branches and foliage
  • Columnar Style: A narrow, even shape that’s perfect for tight spaces or corners.
  • Vase Style: A shape option between Canopy and Columnar, offering a standard trunk and foliage that flares outward at the top.
  • Seeking another shape? Let us know! Our custom creations can be easily adjusted to match your specifications.

Foliage Type

TreeScapes & PlantWorks has several exclusive foliage options for commercial and residential needs. Most Fabricated Trees and Plants are made with either:

  • UltraLeaf-IFR®: Inherently Fire Retardant (“IFR”) artificial foliage that is tested and approved for indoor commercial use. Learn More About UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage (link to IFR info page)
  • UltraLeaf-X®: UltraViolet Inhibiting (“UVI”) artificial exterior foliage that resists fading and sun damage. Learn More About UltraLeaf-X® Foliage (link to UVI info page)


All of our products are custom-built to meet the client’s size specifications. If a tree is specified for over 24 feet in overall height, we usually recommend our Fabricated Product line, where there are no diameter, shape, width or height limitations.

Fabricated Trees and Plants have trunks and branches manufactured from manmade materials. Replica Trees have natural wood trunks, grown by Mother Nature herself.

Fabricated products are also designed to withstand the elements, and have weather coated or non-fabric foliage and trunks.

Fabricated Trees & Plants are completely manmade to any custom shape or size.

Preserved Trees & Plants are made with natural plant material that has been chemically treated for longevity and fire retarding properties.