Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

TreeScapes & PlantWorks is proud to have set new standards for the design and manufacturing of Artificial Plants. We are dedicated to working with our customers in the development of new artificial horticultural concepts that will create the plantscape trends of tomorrow.

Our selection of commercial-grade Artificial Plants is nearly unlimited. Regardless of the shape, size or color, whether used as under-plantings, background embellishment or focal point, our artificial plants can be specifically tailored to meet your every need.

Most of our commercial-grade, Artificial Plants are available in Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI), Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) or combined UVI/IFR formats. We are pleased to offer both UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage and UltraLeaf-X® (UVI) Foliage.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offer two primary kinds of Artificial Plants: Fabricated Plants and Replica Plants. Fabricated Plants are custom-made and designed to withstand exterior elements like wind, snow, and sunshine. Replica Plants are made to look as true-to-life as possible, and are suitable for interior use.

For a different option, consider Preserved Plants by TreeScapes & PlantWorks. These unique offerings begin as real, living plants, including Grasses, Mosses, Boxwoods, and Juniper. All of these categories are available for our trees as well. Fabricated Trees, Replica Trees, and Preserved Trees can all be found in one place!

PlantWorks has constructed strikingly beautiful Artificial Plants that adorn some of the most prestigious hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, retail stores, apartment and office buildings, theaters and private homes in the country. These include Non-Living Green Walls and Vertical Gardens, created with Artificial Flowers, Artificial Succulents, and Artificial Plants and Foliage.

Fake plants by TreeScapes & PlantWorks can be found around the world, from international airports, to shops on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and Las Vegas casinos and restaurants. Our collection of Leafy Plants and Flowering Plants can be used to create any plantscape that you can dream up.