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Column Concealment

Black Oak Concealment Column Wrap at Midland Library
Coconut Palms Concealment Column Wrap
Artificial Magnolia Tree Column Wrap and Column Concealment

TreeScapes’ artisans and engineers are experts at camouflaging structural columns and support beams. Our decorative elements can either enhance a current design or create a “wow” factor that conceals unsightly structures; additionally, any concealment wrap can include an access hatch for, as an example, electrical or plumbing needs.

Whether a project desires a natural, realistic look or a whimsical fantasy, our fabricated column concealment products will meet any interior or exterior design need to enhance the aesthetic look of cruise ships, hotels, theme parks, restaurants, movie sets and more.

Column Concealment:

Fabricated Sugar Maple Tree Column Concealment

Leafy Concealment


International TreeScapes’ Leafy Column Concealment Wraps are world renowned for their realism and creativity, turning unsightly columns into stunning design elements that enhance their surrounding decor. Available in over 100 different styles including birch, banyan, oak, maple and elm, these fabricated wraps are extremely durable, Inherently Fire Retardant and UV Resistant.


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Palm Trees Concealment Column Wrap

Palm Concealment


International TreeScapes’ Fabricated Palm Tree Wrap is ideal for concealing interior and exterior columns while enhancing the tropical design of an environment. Our Palm Tree Wraps are currently installed in hotels, airports, restaurants, casinos and on cruise ships all over the world. Our Inherently Fire Retardant interior Palm Tree Wraps incorporate our Preserved and Reproduction lines of palm fronds, which are available in multiple styles and sizes. Our Exterior Palm Tree Column Wraps utilize our proprietary, UV resistant fronds which guarantee lasting quality even against various elements of nature.


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TreeTrunks™ Concealment Column Wrap



TreeTrunks™ is an easy to install, fabricated tree trunk wrap that conceals monopoles, cellular masts, interior and exterior columns, and much more. Its unique modular design is available with three different component configurations and is expandable up to 100 feet in height. TreeTrunks™ is created with our proprietary organic polymer bark, which is non-toxic, Inherently Fire Retardant, UV resistant, weight tested up to 2000 pounds and available with over a dozen different bark styles.


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