Artificial Palm Trees
Artificial Kentia Palm Tree

Artificial Kentia Palm Tree

Artificial Kentia Palm Tree

Kentia Palm Trees are one of the world’s most popular picks for indoor décor. They are a type of flowering Palm Plant that grows very slowly. This makes them great for using inside, because they aren’t likely to outgrow your space. Given enough time and care, however, a Kentia Palm Tree can grow up to about 40 feet in height!

Kentia Palms are also referred to as “Sentry Palms”, because they are often arranged in pairs that flank entryways. They’re a common sight in interior design but can require significant time and maintenance. A potted Kentia Palm will probably max out at about 10 feet but may outgrow the container and need to be transplanted. Fertilizer is essential, along with just the right amount of sun and water.

Choose Artificial Kentia Palms from TreeScapes & PlantWorks to capture the appealing beauty of this species without any of the upkeep.

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