Artificial Tropical Trees
Artificial Mangrove Tree

Artificial Mangrove Tree

Artificial Mangrove Tree

Mangroves are Shrubs and small Trees that grow along coasts. They are crucial elements of tropical and sub-tropical environments, because they can drastically slow coastal erosion.

Mangrove Trees have a distinctive appearance, and often grow in groves. They have complex root systems which help to protect coastlines and provide habitats and food for many insects and sea creatures.

There are two main downsides to using real living Mangroves in your décor. One, they are an invasive species that is restricted in my areas. The second downside, though, is likely a deal breaker. Mangroves have organic matter breaking down in the soil and water, which leads to decay and bacteria. The unfortunate result of this is an overpowering rotten egg, Sulphur smell.

Artificial Mangrove Trees and Bushes from TreeScapes & PlantWorks give you the same intriguing look, but with none of the maintenance, restrictions, or smell!

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