Restaurants | Mediterranean Olive Trees at RH Chicago

Mediterranean Olive Trees at RH Chicago

London plane & mediterranean olive trees at restoration hardware
Elevated view of London plane & mediterranean olive trees at restoration hardware
Near-overhead view London plane & mediterranean olive trees at restoration hardware
London plane & mediterranean olive trees near fountain at restoration hardware
London plane & mediterranean olive trees surrounding the fountain at restoration hardware
View of single London plane & mediterranean olive tree at restoration hardware

Mediterranean Olive Trees at RH Chicago

Have you seen the Mediterranean Olive Trees at the 3 Arts Club Café at RH Chicago? This location was the first integration of restaurants into Restoration Hardware’s retail spaces. We’re proud to have provided many Fabricated Trees and Plants for their multiple locations across the United States. You can find these popular products at various RH cafés and restaurants:

RH Chicago features four of our stunningly realistic Fabricated Mediterranean Olive Trees!

These restaurants and cafés have also turned RH’s already impressive stores into Instagram-worthy photo spots. The flagship Chicago restaurant quickly earned its spot as one of the city’s best selfie spots. Take a look at some of our favorite press quotes about the restaurant design:

Truth be told, I don’t know if I’ve ever been inside a more magical space. Even if the food was mediocre (which it most certainly was not), I would still find a reason to venture back a few times a year.

6 Excuses to Step Inside 3 Arts Club Café, Chicago Tribune

It may be the most beautiful restaurant in Chicago. A soothing fountain is encircled by majestic trees that reach as high as the glass ceiling, all under a chandelier worthy of a royal palace. If you’ve never been here, chances are you’ve still seen the sunlit atrium of 3 Arts Club Café.


A quick search on Instagram will return a dozen or more photos all taken from the exact same angle, at the entrance of the Grand Courtyard, where the symmetry of the dining area is best highlighted. Indoor space with an outdoor feel, it proudly shines in the center of a showroom full of inspiration.

Date Night in Chicago: 3 Arts Club Café inside Restoration Hardware, Chicagoings

Dozens of people are popping the question inside furniture titan RH’s showrooms—or, to be more specific, within its expanding array of cafés and restaurants.


The love bug is spreading—while RH Chicago’s Three Arts Club Cafe remains the most popular locale, proposals have also been verified at other locations, including West Palm, Nashville, Napa Valley’s Yountville, and Manhattan.

Would You Get Engaged at a Furniture Store?, Architectural Digest

RH has inspired retailers and restauranteurs around the country to innovate and provide lush, immersive experiences for their guests. We’re proud to have contributed so much to their décor! If you’re inspired by this work, contact us for information and assistance. We’re happy to help bring the same sense of upscale luxury to any clients.

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