Restaurants | Boxwood Hedges, Agaves, & Trees at RH Minneapolis

Boxwood Hedges, Agaves, & Trees at RH Minneapolis

Interior of Restoration Hardware Edina Minneapolis showing placement of Artificial London Planetrees
Fabricated London Planetrees in dining area at Restoration Hardware Edina Restaurant
Artificial London Planetrees in Restoration Hardware Edina Restaurant lounge area at night
Artificial Agave Plant at Restoration Hardware Edina Restaurant
Preserved Boxwood Hedges at base of Artificial London Planetree at Restoration Hardware Edina Restaurant
Exterior view of Restoration Hardware Edina Restaurant in evening
Evening exterior view of RH Restaurant Edina Minneapolis

Boxwood Hedges, Agaves, & Trees at RH Minneapolis

Restoration Hardware (RH) brought their new signature style eateries to locations across the country, including Minnesota! The combined retail and restaurant location is called The Gallery at Edina, and the RH Rooftop Restaurant at RH Minneapolis is the “crown jewel”:

The top floor is the crown jewel: a rooftop restaurant featuring glass walls and ceilings dripping with crystal chandeliers, central fountains, heritage olive trees*, a coffee bar and outdoor lounge areas.

– Making Sense of the Restoration Hardware Mansion in Edina, Twin Cities Business

TreeScapes & PlantWorks provided some of the same products you may have spotted at other RH locations like New York, Chicago, and West Palm Beach.

The Gallery at Edina features four Artificial Agave Plants on the exterior and eight Artificial London Planetrees in the restaurant. Preserved Boxwood Hedges border the rooftop space, immersing guests in greenery no matter where they sit.

On the third level, the top, there is something to behold. It’s a full service restaurant, the 7th in their collection. It’s hard to overstate the beauty of it, trees tower underneath the glassed in roof, greenery lines the booths and tables.

A water feature churns in the center like any fountain in a Savannah square. The chandelier drips overhead: it’s luxe. Outdoor spaces overlook the west facing landscape, sunsets will obviously be great.

Sneak Peek: Restoration Hardware Opens in Edina, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

*Many RH locations boast Fabricated Mediterranean Olive Trees, but this rooftop restaurant uses the same unique Fabricated London Planetrees as the New York location.


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