Restaurants | London Planetrees & Boxwoods at RH New York

London Planetrees & Boxwoods at RH New York

Artificial London Plane & Mediterranean Olive Trees at Restoration Hardware Restaurant New York
Fabricated London Planetrees and Preserved Boxwood Hedges at entrance to RH Restaurant, New York
Fabricated London Planetrees and Boxwood Hedges in dining area at RH Restaurant New York
Arrangement of Preserved Boxwood Hedges in dining area of RH New York Restaurant
Exterior Green Wall & London Planetrees at Restoration Hardware Restaurant New York
Fabricated Exterior Green Wall & Preserved Boxwood Hedges at RH New York Restaurant
Fabricated London Planetrees and Preserved Boxwood Hedges enhance booths at RH Restaurant New York
London Planetrees & Exterior Green Wall at Restoration Hardware Restaurant New York

London Planetrees & Boxwoods at RH New York

Have you seen the London Planetrees and Boxwood Hedges at the RH Rooftop Restaurant at RH New York? We’re proud to have provided many Artificial Trees and Artificial Plants for their multiple locations across the United States. You can find these popular products at various RH cafés and restaurants:

  • Fabricated Mediterranean Olive Trees
  • Fabricated London Planetrees
  • Fabricated Agave Plants
  • Fabricated Ivy
  • Fabricated Traveler’s Palm Plants
  • Fabricated Exterior Green Walls
  • Preserved Boxwood Hedges

RH New York features fifteen of our Fabricated London Planetrees (sometimes called London Plane Trees), along with Preserved Boxwood Hedges and Bushes. A Fabricated Ivy Green Wall adds even more appeal to the exterior space.

Restoration Hardware (now known as RH) has pioneered a new trend of integrating eateries, and leisure into retail locations:

“The use of a food platform helps to create a well-rounded experience in the store, and one that is easily repeatable. “The combination of architecture, art and design creates an energy that I have never seen in retail,” says Lopez (Carlos Lopez, EVP at Hanley Investment Group). “RH has achieved this in each of their unique store locations.”

How Retail Brands Are Incorporating Restaurants,

Sales have increased, foot traffic is up, tables are sold out, and there’s even been a surge of wedding proposals at their different locations!

Dozens of people are popping the question inside furniture titan RH’s showrooms—or, to be more specific, within its expanding array of cafés and restaurants. Gary Friedman, RH’s chairman and CEO, first confirmed the trend via an earnings release, this past spring, noting that “wedding proposals in the Three Arts Café have now exceeded 50 since we opened our doors in October of 2015.”

The love bug is spreading—while RH Chicago’s Three Arts Club Cafe remains the most popular locale, proposals have also been verified at other locations, including West Palm, Nashville, Napa Valley’s Yountville, and Manhattan—which is the most recently opened “experience,” spanning 90,000 square feet in the meatpacking district, at the site of the former Pastis bistro.”

Would You Get Engaged at a Furniture Store?, Architectural Digest

These restaurants and cafés have also turned RH’s already impressive stores into Instagram-worthy photo spots. The New York location provides greenery and rooftop views that can be tough to find in the city! See some of our favorite press quotes about the design and ambiance:

RH didn’t create another store—it designed an escape from the everyday. The rooftop restaurant gives you some of the best views of lower Manhattan, making it a destination for tourists and locals alike. Exactly as it’s intended.

You’ll Want To Live Inside Restoration Hardware’s Epic NYC Flagship Store, House Beautiful

It is incredibly rare to find a Manhattan restaurant that is spacious, light-filled and surrounded by trees… The rooftop is basically a landscaped mini-park with some of the best views of downtown Manhattan. London plane trees, jasmine bushes, waterfalls and soaring chandeliers create an opulent and fun atmosphere.

New York’s RH Rooftop Restaurant Is The Perfect Place For Dinner (And Shopping), Forbes

The New York gallery has a rooftop restaurant by Brendan Sodikoff, as well as a barista bar and wine terrace. Sodikoff’s restaurant doesn’t look or feel like any restaurant you would find even at a high-end department store. The space itself is easily fit for a wedding or other high-end event. (But no, they don’t allow it.) There are multi-million dollar city views and even an outdoor garden terrace.

Is Restoration Hardware The Retail Experience That Will Change The Way Millennials Buy Furniture?, Forbes

RH has inspired retailers and restauranteurs around the country to innovate and provide lush, immersive experiences for their guests. We’re proud to have contributed so much to their décor! If you’re inspired by this work, contact us for information and assistance. We’re happy to help bring the same sense of upscale luxury to any clients.

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