Inherently Fire Retardant Tree and Plant Projects

IFR Trees and Plants have been tested and rated as Inherently Fire Retardant, and are ideal for commercial interior use.

Safety and quality are paramount to TreeScapes & PlantWorks, so we perform rigorous testing to ensure that our products meet expectations. Our Inherently Fire Retardant Trees and Plants are often used as components of big displays that feature many trees, flowers, or plants. This includes Fabricated and Preserved products – all are imbued with fire retardant chemicals. The process makes them much more resilient and safe than products which only feature a topical fire retardant.

By infusing the materials, we ensure that our IFR Trees and Plants do not sustain fire once removed from direct flames. This prevents fire from spreading and exceeds state and federal building and safety codes. Our Preserved Trees and Plants receive the IFR treatment via our proprietary preservation process, which “immortalizes” them and also makes them fire retardant.

Most of our IFR Trees, Plants, and Flowers feature our exclusive UltraLeaf-IFR® Foliage. Some are also tested and rated as Ultraviolet Inhibited (UVI). These are perfect for outdoor projects, our indoor placements that will be exposed to sun. Those products feature our UltraLeaf-X® UVI Rated Foliage.

Living trees and plants are real fire hazards, and this becomes evident each year during the holidays. Christmas trees tend to flame up easily, and this is often because of their proximity to candles, wires, or electronics. Many of our Custom Trees are wired for light and sound, so it is integral that they be fire retardant in case of emergency.

If you’re not sure if you need IFR Rated Trees or Plants, we are happy to do a consultation with you. We can review the advantages of different product types, and determine what trees, plants, flowers, and foliage are best for your specific product.