Hospitals | Golden Oriental Bamboo at Medical Center

Golden Oriental Bamboo at Medical Center

Fabricated Golden Oriental Bamboo at Hospital
Artificial Oriental Golden Bamboo at California Hospital
Fabricated Golden Oriental Bamboo at Medical Center

Golden Oriental Bamboo at Medical Center

The pavilion/atrium at this California Medical Center employed our Fabricated Golden Oriental Bamboo for the walls behind comfortable waiting room chairs. Since our installation, they’ve added a beautiful custom mural to the space. It features 500 hand-painted square tiles, which form a 32-foot tall waterfall mural titled “Resurgence”.

Faux Trees and Plants like our Bamboo are ideal for hospital environments. They have no smell, no pollen to trigger allergies, and require almost no maintenance. No one wants to see dying plants at a medical center, and ours stay fresh and green for years to come!

Bamboo is a popular choice in hospital design, and for good reason. Bamboo conveys a calm, positive environment that’s ideal for healing and comfort. Biophilic Design principles state that humans are soothed and cheered by trees and plants – both real and artificial!

Bamboo can help fill vertical spaces where you don’t want to extend too far from the wall. The narrow row that we create will be customized to fit the exact area you have in mind. Bamboo also works extremely well as a privacy divider or space partition. This can give hospitals more design options without requiring the addition of more walls.

TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers both Natural Cane and Artificial Bamboo in a variety of options. Choose between Golden, Green, and Black Bamboo canes. Then, decide on the foliage type you prefer. Weeping Bamboo and Oriental Bamboo are the two most popular varieties!


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