Bamboo Tree and Plant Projects

Bamboo Trees and Bamboo Plants, artificial or real, are incredibly versatile choices for home landscaping. TreeScapes & PlantWorks offers a wide selection of Bamboo Trees and Plants for both interior and exterior work. Our Bamboo projects span locations from casinos to hospitals and hotels to airports.

There are several customization options available to assist you in choosing just the right Bamboo for your needs. First, consider whether you want Green Bamboo, Black Bamboo, or Golden Bamboo. Then, decide if you prefer Natural or Fabricated Bamboo. Then, think about foliage shapes and density. Finally, let us know about the space you have, and we will help you create the perfect Bamboo plantscape.

Natural Bamboo is ideal for interior projects, while Fabricated Bamboo is best for exterior projects. Our Interior Bamboo is treated to be Inherently Fire Retardant, which makes them safe for residential and commercial use. Our Exterior Bamboo is treated to be Ultraviolet Inhibited, so they can withstand sun exposure without fading or degrading.

Are you seeking Bamboo ideas? Take inspiration from our Bamboo projects, which come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A grove of Bamboo was used for the Bonaventure Hotel, for example, while rows of Bamboo join other flowers and trees at John Wayne Airport. Some clients use towering Bamboo as a decorative element, as is the case with U.C. Davis Medical Center. Another hospital client, Leon Medical Center, displayed framed bamboo canes. They have a river rock background, and spotlights above to highlight the artistic pieces.

Others use dense clusters of Bamboo to create privacy screens and room partitions. Designers enjoy both our Weeping Bamboo and Oriental Bamboo, and often just use the reeds for decor. Bamboo is a popular product across industries; we have provided Bamboo for multiple airports, shopping centers, retail stores, hotels, universities, and cruise ships!