Hospital Tree & Plant Projects

When you think “hospital”, trees and plants may not come to mind – but they should! We’ve had the pleasure of outfitting many hospitals in our years of business, and they’re always especially rewarding projects. The presence of greenery, real or artificial, can make a space feel warmer, more inviting, and more safe.

Hospitals often utilize Biophilic Design, which centers on how humans respond positively to natural materials, images, and items. When a space features Biophilic Design, it can help to improve patient mood, morale, and recovery time. Real trees and plants are wonderful for this, but they’re far from the only options.

Researchers have found that faux plants and trees, photos and paintings of nature scenes, and natural materials and textures can all generate positive feelings in visitors. People instinctively connect with nature and find it calming – even on a subconscious level.

Our products allow you to utilize natural materials, textures, and dimensions without the potential drawbacks of live greenery. Hospitals and medical centers often use our preserved trees and artificial plants because they don’t carry the same risk of allergens. Pollen is a concern, as well as strong aromas from various plants, trees, and flowers.

Artificial trees and plants avoid this problem, and they require very little upkeep. There’s no need to factor in a gardening team, or worry about watering, pruning, or fertilizing. Another distinct advantage for hospitals is that our products won’t ever wilt, rot, or die. Nature is very comforting, but a dying tree or patch of dead ivy has the exact opposite effect.

Sometimes our products are used purely for decor, but other times they are integrated into the hospital design. Bamboo groves can create privacy partitions, for example, and help direct the flow of foot traffic. We’ve provided many treehouses and play structures for children’s hospitals, as well as Smart Trees™ with integrated tablets and screens. These can help with patient intake as well as provide hospital information, and entertainment.