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Fabricated exterior custom oak trophy tree at Sushisamba London Rooftop Restaurant
Overhead view of custom-made oak tree at Sushisamba Rooftop Restaurant in London
Lit up Custom Fabricated Trophy Tree at Sushisamba London Rooftop Restaurant


The Custom SUSHISAMBA Tree has become one of London’s most Instagrammable hotspots – and it was proudly constructed by a team of our talented artisans!

This towering custom-made oak tree sits at the center of the SUSHISAMBA London Heron Tower outdoor bar 38 floors above the city of London. This magnificent tree features the eye-catching and extremely distinctive SUSHISAMBA Orange coloring that embellishes its massive trunk, complex branching, broad foliage, and a seemingly endless array of twinkling lights.

This iconic restaurant and our team are currently hard at work on a new and even bigger tree that will adorn the new SUSHISAMBA that will soon open in Saudi Arabia.

Here’s how the SUSHISAMBA website describes the London tree:

“Indoor-outdoor elements weave throughout the space, most notably, the structural orange tree on the west terrace. A SUSHISAMBA icon, the tree sculpture reinforces the earth-to-sky motif while being an artwork in itself, reminiscent of great 20th century art and creating dialogue with the street art found throughout the space.”


The rest of London – and the world – has definitely taken notice. published their list of “The 18 Most Instagrammable Festive Restaurants”, and the SUSHISAMBA tree is the favorite backdrop for selfies and group shots:

“You probably feel like you’ve been to SushiSamba even if you never have. The second venue on the list of most Instagrammed places in London, SushiSamba serves sushi and cocktails *almost* as photogenic as the view – well, London from the 38th floor is pretty spectacular.

The fairylit red tree on the terrace is the most popular photo, although the restaurant itself is pretty spectacular, especially at night.”

Hello! magazine has even declared SUSHISAMBA London as “the A-listers’ favourite fusion restaurant“:

“The open terrace-bar, with a magical lit-up tree perched in the middle of the circular bar that has you reaching for your camera phone, and the cool buzzy atmosphere, is also not to be missed…”

Need more convincing? Some think the tree would look right at home on the set of a favorite HBO series…imagine the photo opportunities!

In an article titled “The Most Instagrammable Restaurants in London”, the Evening Standard UK says you should go to SUSHISAMBA “for that giant orange tree that looks like it’s from Game of Thrones”.


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