Restaurants | Cherry Blossom Tree at Okura Robata Sushi

Cherry Blossom Tree at Okura Robata Sushi

Fabricated Cherry Blossom Trophy Tree propped behind booths
Cherry blossom tree Okura Sushi Restaurant from different angle
Cherry blossom tree amongst diners in Okura Sushi Restaurant
Dimly-lit Cherry blossom tree with diners at Okura Sushi Restaurant
Cherry blossom tree during installation at Okura Sushi Restaurant
Okura Sushi Restaurant
Okura Sushi Restaurant
Cherry blossom tree as seen from bar at Okura Sushi Restaurant
Okura Sushi Restaurant
Window in the door gives a sneak peek at the tree inside Okura Sushi Restaurant
Okura Sushi Restaurant

Cherry Blossom Tree at Okura Robata Sushi

Decorating with an artificial indoor tree can bring beauty, comfort, and a luxurious experience to your restaurant or business.

One of the most popular options for an artificial indoor tree has to be our life size faux cherry blossom tree!

Okura Robata Grill & Sushi Bar recently reopened their La Quinta, California restaurant, and included one of our cherry blossoms in the design.

Okura has two locations in California: Laguna Beach, and La Quinta.

The La Quinta restaurant recently moved to a new, larger, spot near the original location. This busy location is in a prominent spot, right in the middle of a busy Coachella Valley intersection.

Owner Jay Lee knew she needed to make a statement when the restaurant reopened, so she called upon Statewide Services Inc. to make her dream into a reality.

We were pleased to work with them and create the perfect tree for this establishment – a dramatic artificial indoor Cherry Blossom Tree.

“Palm Desert-based Statewide Services Inc. did the renovation and design, with Lee’s input every step of the way, turning the interior into a work of art, beginning with the cherry tree in the center of the main dining room.

Okura Sushi was among the most challenging of the restaurant redesigns the company has been involved with, Lua said.

‘This is by far the most unique restaurant of the lot,’ he said.

The details of the design and finishes ‘really took on a shape of a very contemporary L.A./Hollywood vibe’ that doesn’t currently exist in the valley, he said.” – The Desert Sun

Other décor elements include gold Kriskadecor chains and chandeliers, a “Geisha Angel” mural, a 4-foot-tall bronze Buddha statue, and cherry blossom wallpaper. Our Cherry Blossom Tree is the centerpiece that anchors the room. You can even see it from outside the restaurant – the window in the door gives you a sneak peek at the tree inside!

If you’re seeking unique design features, Custom Fabricated Artificial Indoor Trees are an ideal choice. They’re handmade to your exact specifications, by talented and innovative artisans.

Click here to learn more about our artificial indoor and outdoor cherry blossom trees.

Photo Credits:
Facebook – Statewide Services Inc & Facebook – Okura Sushi
, Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun, & Facebook – Okura Sushi


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