Residential | Cherry Blossom Tree & Vertical Garden at Paramount Miami World Center

Cherry Blossom Tree & Vertical Garden at Paramount Miami World Center

Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree
Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree in infinity edge reflecting pool with Vertical Garden in background 1
Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree in infinity edge reflecting pool with Vertical Garden in background 2
Tree Furnishings Artificial Log Table
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Paramount Miami party with Faux Cherry Blossom Tree & Vertical Garden in background
Artificial cherry blossom tree in front of Vertical Garden
Unique Furniture and Faux Green Walls
Green Walls with unique furniture at Paramount Miami World Center
Green Wall Details
Green Wall in Detailed close up
Close up showing Faux Succulent Green Wall Detail
Faux Green Wall Close Up
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Artificial Succulent Green Wall Panels
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Artificial Cherry Blossom Tree at Paramount Miami with window in background

Cherry Blossom Tree & Vertical Garden at Paramount Miami World Center

TreeScapes & PlantWorks were thrilled to create a Faux Tree and Non-Living Vertical Garden at a luxury condo community in Florida!

Paramount Miami World Center is a dazzling condominium tower that reaches 60 stories, and 700 feet tall.

It boasts an impressive variety of amenities for residents to enjoy, including an outdoor soccer field, and poolside cabanas for sale. There are even plans for a 5,000 square foot flying car skyport atop the tower!

Our team helped to outfit the Conservatory at Worldcenter. We created a unique Shuma Garden green wall, and an artificial Cherry Blossom tree; the interior design creates a calm, welcoming place that residents can enjoy at their leisure.

After installation, the team determined that the original bark needed to be updated. The contrast against the water didn’t create the right effect, so we updated both the bark and foliage to meet their new vision!

The Conservatory walls feature intriguing panels of replica plants, alternating with white space. There’s a water feature as well, with a beautiful fabricated cherry blossom tree taking center stage.

Before we discuss the faux tree, though, let’s look more closely at the custom-made Shuma Garden green wall.

Each panel features segments of replica moss, succulents, and greenery. They’re arranged in a striped pattern that gives a graphic element to the space.

Each plant is a different shade of green, with its own unique texture. The faux succulents add pops of color in shades of blue, purple, pink, and yellow.

There are six main types of replica horticulturals used for these Shuma Garden non-living green walls:

      • Replica Watercress
      • Replica Moss
      • Replica Sedum
      • Replica Echeveria
      • Replica Mangrove
      • Replica Chinese Evergreen – Silver Queen

The walls catch your eye quickly, but it’s the fabricated Cherry Blossom that ties it all together. The dark brown trunk is surrounded by replica moss and set within an infinity edge reflecting pool.

Thousands of fabricated blossoms, in shades of white and pink, give the tree that signature Cherry Blossom appeal.

It is breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly realistic! There’s one part that we made purposely unrealistic, though: this tree will bloom all year long, instead of the brief 1-2 week bloom that natural Cherry Blossoms experience annually.

The Conservatory is further accented by a wall of windows, so residents can take in a view of the city as they unwind. Curving, nature-inspired furniture and lighting make the space both sophisticated and welcoming.

This beautiful space is just one of the many amenities available to residents. The developers bill it as “the tower with the most amenities in the world!” Given all that we’ve seen, we have to agree!

Click here to visit the Paramount Miami Worldcenter website


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