Residential Tree & Plant Projects

TreeScapes & PlantWorks specializes in commercial projects, however, we also do many Residential Tree and Plant projects as well. These range from private residences to condominiums and living facilities.

Private residence projects, like the Artificial Dogwood Tree, are designed and constructed after we know more details. These details include the dimensions of the space, whether it will be indoors or outdoors, if there will be sun exposure, and your preferences on trunks and foliage. Residential plants and flowers are created in the same way. We love making fantastic faux trees and horticulturals that take center stage in private homes!

Condominium and apartment complexes often call on TreeScapes & PlantWorks for interior and exterior trees and plants. At Paramount Miami WorldCenter, a luxury condo community in Florida, we had an interior project that residents enjoy daily. The residents’ conservatory room was adorned with our Fabricated Cherry Blossom Tree and Custom Green Walls. The space is used for relaxing, socializing, and hosting social events.

Exterior products are designed to add texture and vibrancy, so they’re ideal for living complexes. Our trees and plants can improve property values, help attract tenants, and stay fresh with almost no maintenance! They can also be used to make shady seating areas, create gathering spots outside, or establish pathways and boundaries. Our Fabricated Boxwood Hedges are particularly good for privacy and area partitions.

Our work isn’t just limited to luxury residences and communities, though. We are pleased to have provided stunning Artificial Trees for extended care communities as well. Hubbard Hill Living Wisdom Center for Dementia Care is a recent project that we’re very proud of. This facility provides residents with familiar spaces that will remind them of home. They have their own neighborhood to explore, giving them a sense of community and familiarity. Our Artificial Trees add to the neighborhood’s appeal, and there’s no concern about making sure they are tended to.