Cherry Blossom Tree Projects

Artificial Cherry Blossom Trees bring meaning and beauty to any design, be it a restaurant, conservatory display, or residential area. We provide commercial quality Faux Cherry Blossoms that serve as accents or center pieces.

Restaurant designers are often interested in our Cherry Blossom Trees, and we’ve adorned several Chinese and Japanese restaurants with them. The most recent example is the Custom Cherry Blossom Tree we created for Okura Robata Grill & Sushi Bar. This restaurant, set in the Coachella Valley of California, is a favorite among locals and travelers alike.

Another dramatic Faux Cherry Blossom Tree of ours can be found in the Conservatory at Paramount Miami WorldCenter in Florida. This area was made to be a gathering spot for residents, as well as a display area for art and presentations. We were asked to create Custom Non-Living Vertical Gardens for the walls, and a Cherry Blossom Tree for the center of the room.

The tree stands tall above a small pool feature, and its delicate white and pink blossoms look just like an authentic Cherry Blossom in bloom. Real Cherry Blossom Trees (also known as Sakura) bloom for just 1-2 weeks a year, and only for 10-15 years. An artificial version allows you to have the tree be perfectly in bloom for years to come, with no need for watering or pruning.

Our Replica Cherry Blossom Trees have also been featured in several of the themed installations at the Bellagio Conservatory. A new artistic design is dreamed up for each season, and an assortment of trees, plants, and flowers – both faux and real – are used to bring the vision to reality. They usually celebrate Cherry Blossoms in spring, in honor of Japan’s springtime Cherry Blossom Festivals each year.

Other Cherry Blossom creations by TreeScapes & PlantWorks can be found in surprising places, including a Hollywood movie premiere party, and the set of a major motion picture.